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Sponsored search results on izito. Sponsored search results on zoeken. Google text ads between entries and Chitika text ads on the bottom on topsite. Google's Sponsored Search Results on ehow. Google Sponsored Links below the content and "Related Ads" in top right corner on ehow. Google text ads above, under and right side of search results on Golem. Google text ads between article and comments on Golem. Google AdSense text ads on recycledmistakes. Google text ads at the bottom on softconstructors. Opendi AG sites Stadtbranchenbuch. Inna is the eponymous and fourth studio album recorded by Romanian singer Inna.

Its material includes multiple genres, such as dance-pop, deep house, electro house, electropop and Latin. The album's title was originally planned to be Latinna, and it also includes promotional singles intended for the cancelled extended play EP Summer Days. Inna and Body and the Sun were supported by several concert tours in Europe and Japan.

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Seven singles have also been released to aid the record, of which "Cola Song" was successful in Europe and was certified Platinum in Spain and "Diggy Down" marked Inna's third number one hit in Romania. Commercially, Inna only reached minor success on r. Romanian singer Inna has released six studio albums, three compilation albums, 49 singles including 15 as featured artist and 26 promotional singles.

Her YouTube channel surpassed three billion total views as of May With global album sales of four million copies from her first three studio albums, Inna is the best-selling Romanian artist. Throughout and early , she released four more singles from her debut studio album, Hot , which sold , copies worldwide. Cola Cao is a sugary chocolate drink with vitamins and minerals that originated in Spain and is now produced and marketed in several countries.

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It can also be added to breakfast cereal or used as a baking ingredient. In Spain in particular, Cola Cao is a popular accompaniment to breakfast,[1] lunch or dinner. Advertising The "Cola Cao song" used to promote the product in is a nostalgia item. They are also used in advertising campaigns for the World Cup. The chosen songs are usually multilingual and include English, the official language of the organising country, Spanish and other languages.

The official versions also result in cover versions in many other languages performed by the original or by local artists. The song details a romantic encounter between a young man and a possible transvestite, whom he meets in a club in Soho, London. In the song, the narrator describes his confusion towards Lola, who "walked like a woman but talked like a man". Although Ray Davies claims that the incident was inspired by a true encounter experienced by the band's manager, alternative explanations for the song have been given by drummer Mick Avory.

The song was released in the United Kingdom on 12 June , while in the United States it was released on 28 June The single version mono used the words "cherry cola" wh. Two historical Sioux City sarsaparilla bottles, as used in retail sale for decades by Sioux City brand from United States, until the s Sarsaparilla is a soft drink, originally made from plants like the Smilax ornata, but now sometimes made with artificial flavors. In most Southeast Asian countries, it is known as sarsi, and there is a Sarsi brand.

It is similar to root beer. History Sarsaparilla was popular in the United States in the 19th century. According to advertisements for patent medicines of the period, it was considered to be a remedy for skin and blood problems. There are dozens of brands of sarsaparilla beverages made by microbreweries, mainly in the United States. Colombian singer J Balvin has released three studio albums, one mixtape, forty singles, twenty-eight featured singles, and nine promotional singles. El Negocio, released in , was less commercially successful than Real but produced two hit singles that gave him national recognition, "Sin Compromiso" and "En Lo Oscuro", both charted in Colombia's top ten.

In the beginnings of the , he released a mixtape that includes some singles and new songs, only was released in the United States and Mexico. On April 24, , Balvin released "Yo Te Lo Dije", the first single from his upcoming album, the song was number one in Colombia for eight non-consecutive weeks and became his first charting entry on the Billboard Latin Songs chart, peaking at number 13, also, the song was. It was first released in Denmark on 6 June , followed by a worldwide release on 16 May The song reached number 6 on the UK Singles Chart.

It was used as the music for a Coca-Cola advert.

It is also a playable song in the video game Band Hero and is available to play in the video game Rock Band 2 via downloadable content. The song was also sung by all remaining contestants from series 6 of the British singing contest The X Factor, in week 3 of the live results shows. In , Alphabeat performed the song on the Danish version of the show.

They performed the song on GMTV around the time of release an. It was released in June as the first single from the album Mr. Record Research. She adopted the stage name "Alessandra" in and adopted a pop-rock style; later that year, she changed her stage name to "Inna" and began releasing house music. Inna's debut studio album of the same name followed in August and was certified Gold and Platinum. It featured several other successful singles in Europe, including "Amazing" , her second number one single in Romania.

The track won the Eurodanceweb Award, making. Gemini may refer to: Space Gemini constellation , one of the constellations of the zodiac Gemini in Chinese astronomy Project Gemini, the second U. The song was released on March 9, Background Derulo collaborated with Coca-Cola to produce the song,[3] and stated that the song will be included on his upcoming album. Music video A sneak peek video for the music video of the song was released on Coca-Cola's YouTube channel on February 15, The music video for the solo version of the song was released on April 11, , on Derulo's Vevo account on YouTube.

Two days later, the music video for the Maluma version of the single was released. Track list. The two television commercials which are presented more like short-subject comic films feature American actor Chevy Chase playing a confused American who notices his friend, wearing a stereotypically American cowboy hat, using some peculiar words from Turkish culture while drinking a can of Cola Turka.

Upon Chase's character drinking Cola Turka in the second commercial, he spontaneously displays Turkish traits like saying Turkish idioms, singing a Turkish folk song, and in the final part of the second commercial, unexpectedly sporting a mustache. The commercials were filmed on location in New York, and are in English with Turkish subtitles. Tony Kakkar is an Indian singer and composer. Early life He has two sisters Sonu Kakkar and Neha Kakkar who both are successful singers in the industry with Sonu being the first from the family to enter music.

It was released in February as a single from the soundtrack to the film Rocky IV. The power ballad[1] peaked at number 76 on the Billboard Hot chart. Critical reception Nancy Ehrlich of Billboard magazine reviewed called the song "high-adrenaline rock'n'roll over pummeling percussion. February 22, It is tenth track from their debut album, Palabas. It became 1 in Philippines' popular music charts. The song begins with a dramatic nylon guitar intro riff by lead guitarist Erwin Armovit, which is then layered by rhythm guitarist Yael Yuzon's chords.

This section is carried on throughout all verses, except for the choruses, in which both guitars become heavily distorted. The song is written and composed by Gosh Dilay. Music video The music video was directed by Wincy Ong.

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Butterflies can be seen on the band's instruments while they are playing. The room becomes darker on each chorus. On the bridge of the song, large amounts of dry ice are used all over the room. After a while, cut papers are seen flying in the room. Rain then occurs on the last chorus.

References "Una by Sponge Cola". It was released on June 1, , as the first single from the band's fifth studio album, Everything Now At the festival, a limited edition orange 12" vinyl single was made for sale at a merchandise stand. Content The song is about a contented country girl whose love interest hopes to coax into relocating with him to an urban area: although the singer admits "it's inviting to go where life is more exciting" the implication is that she must stay put, having been "raised on country sunshine".

Sponge Cola sometimes spelled Spongecola is a Filipino rock band formed in To date, the band have released several albums that went successful. Yuzon decided to form a band with Dilay and two other members of Teatro Baguntao. They named the group Sponge after R. Surtees' Mr. Sponge Sporting Tour, and the band won in several high school competitions boosting their popularity on campuses and in other schools. After a couple of lineup changes, drummer Christopher "Chris" Cantada. Coca-Cola with Lime was a variation of the original Coca-Cola.

It was introduced in North America in the first quarter of , before being quietly discontinued in The formula is the same as regular Coke but with added lime flavor. The decision to market the product was based on popular feedback from consumers in , with the release of Diet Coke with Lime.

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Advertisement An advertisement of Coca-Cola with Lime first appeared on television during the March 7, broadcast of American Idol. The advert uses Harry Nilsson's hit song "Coconut" in an edited and slightly altered form with the mondegreen "You put the lime in the Coke, you nut. Coca-Cola with Lime was also available in Denmark and Sweden, but is now discontinued. It was also tested in the Netherlands as limited summer edition , a.

In May , he developed an early version of a beverage that would later become world-famous as Coca-Cola, but sold his rights to the drink shortly before his death. His parents were James C. Pemberton and Martha L. He entered the Reform Medical College of Georgia in Macon, Georgia, and in , at the age of nineteen, he earned his medical degree.

They were married in Columbus in Their only child, Charles Ney Pemberton, was born in They lived in a Victorian cottage, the Pemberton House in Columbus, a home of historic significance w. The brand's slogan, translates into English, as "Cola Kisses Orange". In Sweden it is called Fanta Mezzo[1] and was released in late January as a limited edition, connected to the music event called Melodifestivalen Swedish qualifications to Eurovision Song Contest.

Mezzo Mix was previously one of eight international soda flavors featured and available for tasting at Club Cool in Epcot. Markets: Austria from Belgium from Bosnia and Herzegovina from Brazil as limited edition for the first semester of Historical marker at Grace Church in Newark where Samuel Ward worked as organist, and wrote and perfected the tune "Materna" that is used for "America the Beautiful".

The lyrics were written by Katharine Lee Bates, and the music was composed by church organist and choirmaster Samuel A. At that time, the poem was titled "America" for publication. Ward had originally written the music, "Materna", for the hymn "O Mother dear, Jerusalem" in , though it was not first published until The song is one of the most popular of the many U. Andreas Schuller known by his producer name Axident is a Norwegian songwriter and music producer based in Los Angeles.

Other popular songs which were co-written and co-produced by Axident include: "Fireball" by Pitbull and Company by Justin Bieber. He picked up the drums at an early age and discovered programming in his teens. He started a band called Albino Superstars whose first single, Team Disco got some attention. In the mid s he began to focus on the study of music. Just Dance is a dance video game developed and published by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft also announced that the game would be, for the first time, released on PC via Uplay and Steam, as well as Nintendo Switch.

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Gameplay As in previous installments, players must mimic the routine of an on-screen dancer to a chosen song, scoring points based on their accuracy. For input, the game supports either the respective motion controller system for a particular console platform, or a smartphone with the game's companion mobile app. Nikola Rachelle Bedingfield born 8 November ,[1] known professionally as Nikola Rachelle, is an English-New Zealand recording artist and songwriter. She is the sister of Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield.

Bedingfield has worked with a large range of writers including Eve Nelson and Peter Kvint. She remains friends with Arron Ackerman. It was digitally released on 30 November as the second single for her sixth studio album Yo by Global Records and Roc Nation, although having already been made available for streaming and airplay earlier that month. Musically, the uptempo track has been described as being club and salsa-influenced, extending Inna's change in direction introduced with "Ra" The song's lyrics are in Spanish and see Inna discussing jealousy and lovesickness.

Upon its release, "Iguana" was well-received by music critics, who pointed out its catchiness and praised Inna's emotional vocal delivery. During the clip, the singer is shown at a night fiesta in an intoxicated state—as speculated by a reviewer—fighting back for. Fentimans Cherrytree Cola, is a fermented, botanical cherry-flavoured cola with Ginger and Herbal Extracts soft drink. It is the 9th flavour to be produced by Fentimans, and is brewed and distributed in the United States by Lion Brewery, Inc.

In popular culture Singer Redfoo has featured the drink prominently in the music video for his song "Let's Get Ridiculous. Retrieved 18 December The song was released as a digital download in March When Coca-Cola approached me about making their anthem for the UEFA Euro campaign I could tell that it was going to be a really fun and a creative way to make a track that would connect with one of the biggest football events in the world".

Sewell said; "Working with Avicii was great. He's a genuine lad and incredibly talented. I've always been a fan of his production. Being able to spend time with him at his studio in Sweden was great, because it gave us an opportunity to really vibe and get to know each other. We had a chance to dig in and make the song a grea.

It has received negative reviews from critics and criticism for inaccuracies. Premise Astronaut Lucy Cola returns to Earth after a lengthy space mission where she begins an affair with fellow astronaut Mark Goodwin. Due to her experience far from home, Lucy heads into a downward spiral as she loses connection to her family, and when her lover begins another affair with an astronaut trainee, the bottom drops out. The film is loosely based on astronaut Lisa Nowak's criminal activities around her romantic involvement with fellow astronaut William O. Open Happiness is a global marketing campaign for The Coca-Cola Company that was rolled out worldwide in the first half of , following the company's "Coke Side of Life" advertising campaign.

Marketing for The Coca-Cola Company based on the Open Happiness theme also appeared in the United States as print ads in newspapers, in television commercials, in outdoor advertising, and in in-store advertising. The first Open Happiness song was initially featured in a television commerc. The trailer features two women defecating into a cup, taking turns in what appears to be consuming the excrement, and vomiting into each other's mouths. In the video, the majority of the vomit does not enter the mouths.

Her first significant chart hit, it was released in , and was originally recorded for a Coca-Cola commercial in It was initially released in the United States on January 31, , and subsequently released as a single. The power ballad[1] was released in the UK in October and climbed to No. One is almost exclusively performance footage of Beck and her band, shot in a style used by many hair metal acts of the late s. The other version is a "concept" video: At the beginning, Beck is seen in her bathroom, applying mascara and checking her hair, then makes a quick phone call.

She goes through her apartment with scenes of her with her boyfriend. She looks out of a window before watching televisi. Inna middle performing a synchronized choreography in the music video with two fellow background dancers. Bucharest, Romania: Roton.

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