Gemini best love compatibility

Playful and carefree, these two get along wonderfully! Gemini likes diverse, rich intellectual rapports. A Gemini wants to communicate effectively, to go out, and live an eternally youthful life. They should both have a good sense of humor to be able to avoid dwelling on bad vibes. Love advice : Smile and don't take things too seriously. Two Geminis together will take life by the horns and work through their problems together. Although when angry, a Gemini can really show another side of their personality and get really hurtful with their words.

To succeed, this pair need a good dose of giggles and laughter. This match works best in business or as friends Gemini is governed by Mercury and Cancer by the Moon. The Moon is a symbol of intuition and sensitivity. Between the two, there can easily be misunderstandings.


Gemini can come off as detached in their feelings faced with a Cancer personality always wanting affection. Cancer can easily suffocate an independent Gemini. Professionally, Gemini brings a practical mind to the table, while Cancer adds creativity to the mix. However, friendship is preferred rather than love. They know how to have fun, but romantic feelings are unstable. Love advice : This match would work well between business partners.

As a romantic couple, this match would experience too many ups and downs to survive. If this couple is to work in love, the childish behavior needs to be forgotten about. An electric couple This duo is more strongly based on intellectual admiration than love. In love, Gemini should be more romantic towards a sentimental Leo. If both signs are able to work through their egocentric behavior, then they could really be a dream couple. Gemini will attempt to take the lead in the relationship and could even end up dominating Leo. Love advice : Make sure you are both on the same page.

Gemini is more romantic and Leo more expressive with their feelings. An intellectual match Mercury, the planet of the mind and intellect, governs these two signs. They get along because they sort of act in the same way as expressive beings, so they know what the other is thinking. Gemini knows how to relax more than Virgo personality , who worries for nothing, but brings stability to a Gemini in their loyalty. Gemini is a free character and will be able to teach Virgo how to relax and take things easy.

Gemini compatibility table

Virgo provides Gemini with stability, loyalty and is a great teacher when it comes to organization and financial management. Two artists come to mind! A problem could derail this couple's happiness; infidelity! Gemini will have a hard time committing to a serious relationship, whereas Libra needs a stable relationship and even marriage to be happy. To make their relationship a success, both Gemini and Libra need to become flexible and work towards a common goal. This pair could make it work! Jealous Scorpio will have a hard time dealing with Gemini's need for freedom and exclusivity.

This couple could experience huge disputes and major explosions of anger. They can both shine in debates using apt argumentation and a flair for discussion. This pair could shine together and their conversations could potentially become really animated. A solid love match Here are two signs with a lot of ambition in their shared projects. Gemini, childlike and talkative, can show an introverted, contemplative nature, and mature Capricorn personality something new.

On the other hand, Capricorn can truly be the backbone at work for an unorganized Gemini. Gemini's chatty character could help shy and reserved Capricorn to come out of their shell.

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Sexual attraction and sensuality are missing from this couple, but their attraction to each other could be proved by declarations of love and cute gestures. Capricorn's cold side could rain on Gemini's parade and bring them down. A match that lacks passion These two Air signs love intellectual banter.

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Gemini and Aquarius personality could work as great business partners, but when it comes to romance, the spark is likely to be missing. This duo l acks sexual attraction and intensity, but one of their strong points is the fact that neither Gemini or Aquarius are jealous or possessive, but extremely tolerant.

The key to this duo is their communication. Impossible love? Gemini finds Pisces too fragile, while Pisces finds Gemini harsh and even a little heartless. Immaturity and a sense of excitement would lighten the mood. They both pass by the other as different people. In a relationship, a lack of common points could bring them down.

Gemini and Pisces really are incompatible in love and are unlikely to be able to make things work. Gemini will bring Pisces a sense of realism and Pisces will ensure they add a touch of romance and magic to Gemini's life. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions.

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Taurus and Gemini Love Compatibility

Discover everything you need to know about your sign and more! Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Intelligent and open, Gemini knows exactly how to entertain their partners and will never fall into a boring routine. Who is Gemini compatible with? Discover the Gemini compatibility to find out who this zodiac sign matches well with! Gemini compatibility: What zodiac sign does Gemini match best with?

Do you make the perfect match for a Gemini? Gemini and Aries. Strengths : Great understanding of each other.

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Love advice : Choose romance over tension. Gemini and Aries compatibility: Why they are compatible in love Both partners crave love and affection and their complicity really is impressive. Click on another sign to test your love compatibility! Gemini and Taurus. Strengths : Could make things work. Gemini and Taurus compatibility: Why they are compatible in love: Taurus loves Gemini funny and free side and finds Gemini's attitude inspiring.

Gemini Compatibility: What Zodiac Sign Does Gemini Match Best With?

Gemini and Gemini. Strengths : Lots in common. Gemini and Gemini compatibility: Why they are compatible in love Two Geminis together will take life by the horns and work through their problems together. Gemini and Cancer.

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Taurus tends to focus on one thing, person, idea at a time, while Gemini moves from one thing or person to the next according to impulse. The security the two can give each other once Taurus allows Gemini to offer that security freely. As long as both partners communicate with each other, theirs will be a stable and happy relationship. What planets have in store for you?

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